A new year 2013

Ok, no time to update my website but yes, we have some puppyplans during 2013. And hopefully we will have a Lapponian Herder litters also during this year. We have to make some health examinations first and then we can plan more. At least we have planned litters for pems Suukkosuun Kiss Me aka Mimmi and for Cookie Suukkosuun Kinberger's. I have also planned a litter for both my Lapponian Herder girls. More details is coming later.

August 2012

Suukkosuun Shamaani "Noita" is making history in the showrings during 2012. He is currently #2 in all breeds show dog in Finland. I think this is first time in history when a lapponian herder is listed so high! More news and photos is coming later. In the index page is a photo when Noita won BIS-1 at Mäntsälä all breed dog show under Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.


March 2012

Last year 2011 was very successful to our Lapponian Herders. Suukkosuun Shamaani was number one Lapponian Herder male in Finland. He also won the "Star Cup" of all Lapponian breeds. Suukkosuun Riemu Riimi was 3rd best bitch of the year.
We have pembroke puppies! More in puppies page. We also have some plans for the near future.
About show news! Lapponian Herder males Suukkosuun Metsänvelho and Suukkosuun Iso-Joiku has won their first CAC's. Congratulations to owners and thank you! Pembroke girl Suukkosuun Hold Me Now won her first CACIB at Kajaani INT.

November 2011

Unfotunately Aada was empty. So no puppies available this time. Hopefully we will have her puppies on next spring 2012. Come back soon to see news from showrings and other activities.
Suukkosuun Enchanted Moon "Elmeri" has been mental tested and the result was +187 points and I will put the more information about the test later to my website.

October 2011

We haven't updated our webpages for a long time. So now you will find the newest news from here. Last summer and winter was succesful to our Lapponian Herders. For example in Paris WDS Suukkosuun Shamaani won BOB, Suukkosuun Lapin Loitsu won BOB-junior and both got the World Winner titles. As well as in French Champion shows also. And also Suukkosuun Riemu Riimi got FJW-11 title. I am so pleased to all this succes as well of these lovely dogs who make our days everyday!
Also Pembrokes has done well in the show rings with their owners. I am so thankful to all my puppy owners who take so good care of their dogs and showed them succesfully. Some obedience and agility results has delighted me also!
We have also two new family members. A Lapponian Herder puppy Suukkosuun Tulisuudelma aka Pusu and Pembroke puppy Efrain Emotion Kinberger's aka Joey. First puppy shows to them will be on next January. Photos below.

September 2010

4.-5.9. Suukkosuun Shamaani won BOB and CAC in Helsinki all breed dog show. Hes was shown last time in junior class and how greatly he finished his official junior career. He won Sunday's Best Junior 1st under judge Paul Stanton from Sweden and was also BIS-1 junior from bth days again judged by Paul Stanton. Noita was successfully handled by Molli Nyman. Thank you Sari and Molli. Photos by Katariina Kahri, thank you Kata!


28.-29.8. Suukkosuun Given Dream "Aada" finished her FIN CH title at Tervakoski INT dogshow. Aada was 2nd best bitch with CAC and RE-CACIB. Thank you Pike and Sari for all your work with Aada, you're great!

* * *

6.-8.8 At Kuopio INT dogshows (there was 3 different shows) Suukkosuun Shamaani won 2x BOB, 1x 2nd best male, 3 CAC's, 1 CACIB and 1 RE-CACIB. On Friday he couldn't have CACIB because he was shown in junior class. Suukkosuun Given Dream "Aada" got VG's on Saturday and Sunday.


24.07.2010 At Kemi all breed dogshow Suukkosuun Given Beauty won her first CAC, BB-1st, BOB and placed 4th best in group! Congratulations Sanna and Nala! Judges were Leila Kärkäs (breed) and Ritva Raita (in the group).

* * *

18.07.2010 At Haapsalu all breed dog show Noita won again BOB and CAC under judge Michael Forte Ireland. At the same time in Finland Pembroke Nala, Suukkosuun Given Beauty got reserve-CAC in Ylivieska INT and Frodo, S. Just A Gigolo got VG in junior class.

* * *

17.07.2010 At Pärnu INT Noita won BOB, CAC and CACIB under Judge Markku Mähönen FIN.

* * *

16.07.2010 At Pärnu, Estonia Noita Suukkosuun Shamaani won CAC, BOB and BIS-3 at specialty for FCI group 5 under Judge Natalja Nekrosiene Lithuania.

* * *

10.-11.07.2010 At Oulu INT shows was a hot weather and results were hot also! Aada, Suukkosuun Given Dream, made her show debut. It was a great start to her show career. Both days she won best bitch 1st, CAC and CACIB and was BOS. On Saturday Luca, Dragonjoy Fallen Angel was BOB, CACIB and short listed in group competition and on Sunday Luca was best male 2nd and got CACIB. Siiri, Suukkosuun Dream Come True was best bitch 4th. Frodo, Suukkosuun Just A Gigolo won the junior class in both days with VG (very good). Judges were Mona K Selbach NO and Ewa Nielsen SE. In Lapponian Herder ring Noita took CAC, CACIB and BOB on Sunday under Judge Hannu Talvi. On Saturday he got only very good under Eeva Resko! Nice weekend thank you all!

* * *

03.07.2010 At Pori INT Noita won BOB, CAC and got his very first CACIB under Judge Marja Talvitie.


26.06.2010 At World Dog Show in Denmark Noita, Suukkosuun Shamaani won CAC, BOB and got new title JWW-10! It was a huge success! Congratulations Sari and thank you! Judge was Marit Sunde from Norway and there was 29 Lapponian Herders entered.

* * *

20.06.2010 At Kotka INT Noita won CAC, BOB and was BIS-3 Finnish breed at show.

* * *

19.06.2010 At Pöytyä Noita won CAC, BOB, BIG-1 and finally BIS-1 under judge Riitta Lahtovaara. Well done Sari and Noita!

* * *

14.06.2010 Very sad day! Toivo, Suukkosuun Dreamlover, is gone over the Rainbow Bridge. He’s gone far too soon! My biggest condolences for Liisa. Toivo stays in our hearts forever.

* * *

12.6.-13.6.2010 At Latvia Noita won 2xBOB, 2x BOB-junior, 2x JUN-CAC and finished his LV and BALT junior CH titles. And the second day he was BIG-2 under judge Juha Putkonen.

* * *

12.06.2010 Ruby and Luca got their babies. There were 6 boys and 3 girls. Unfortunately we lost 2 baby boys at the age of 3 days. All the other are doing just well.

* * *

05.-06.06.2010 At Estonia Noita, Suukkosuun Shamaani, won 2x BOB, 2 x BOB-junior and got 2x jun-CAC so he finished his LT and EE junior-CH titles got couple new titles EE JW-10, EE W-10.